Included in an Offshore SDSA Rally

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What’s Included in an offshore Rally

  • Participation with a great group of sailors, with all of the teamwork, camaraderie, fun and lasting friendships that go along with every Salty Dawg Rally.
  • Passage planning guidance and chart review for crossing the Gulf Stream and making landfall in the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, or the US east coast.
  • Heavy Weather Sailing, provisioning, MOB tactics, boat preparation and seamanship tips and crew consideration webinars.
  • Webcast weather briefings and routing suggestions by Chris Parker of the Marine Weather Center prior to departure.
  • Daily offshore professional weather updates and routing update recommendations via email and SSB from Chris Parker.
  • The SDSA Shoreside Coordinator (SSC) team on duty, monitoring the fleet, addressing questions from the fleet, and able to relay messages from family.
  • The SDSA Emergency Response Team (ERT) on duty to assist Captains that may be experiencing problems at sea.
  • Position tracking and Tracking Map by PredictWind for family, friends, USCG, and the SDSA SSC Team.  Including, on live monitors in the USCG Norfolk, VA Rescue Coordination Center, and in regular communication with SDSA management.
  • Daily position reports of all vessels while offshore.
  • “Bon Voyage” and “Safe Arrival” Celebrations (tickets may be required).  In typical Salty Dawg style, we will find a way to conduct these in a safe and creative way, consistent with local health restrictions and guidelines.
  • SSB/HF radio operation and set up assistance.
  • Sponsors offering Special Deals for Dawgs and auction items for participants in the Rally.
  • Our Salty Dawg Pre-Offshore Checklist for captains to check that they and their vessel are ready for the passage.
  • Access to the SDSA library of offshore preparation reference material by SDSA World Class sailors, and other recognized experts.
  • Access to the Salty Dawg Crew Service to identify potential crew members.
  • Daily fleet position reports of all vessels.
  • For those with SSB radios, offshore radio nets to keep this group of sailors connected.
  • Input from experienced Salty Dawgs and the Fleet Captain on their offshore strategy and pre-departure advice, given the weather forecast.
  • One official 24 in. X 36 in. SDSA Rally Flag for the Captain to fly so that other Salty Dawg members can greet you in various harbors.
  • Access to a broad array of SDSA Member-Only benefits.

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) mission is to educate sailors, build camaraderie, and facilitate offshore passages. Our goal is to conduct quality rallies with the flexibility that allows each Captain to make informed decisions, and provide all participants the best possible experience at the lowest cost