When most of us go offshore, we like to have several sources of information, including updates on weather.  Chris Parker of the Marine Weather Center provides weather forecasting and weather routing for all SDSA rallies, including both planning for departure and daily while offshore.  Another service and SDSA sponsor is PredictWind for location tracking, weather and ocean current data.

The PredictWind Offshore App allows you to visualize the wind, waves, and currents using the top global weather models specific to your vessel and location.  The weather routing tool in the Offshore App can be updated at any time from your exact position giving boat-specific weather routing over low bandwidth connection. Forecast models are updated twice daily and having this data at your fingertips puts you in control, giving you the ability to make your own decisions and to validate other sources of information. 

Learn more about the PredictWind Offshore App HERE, this software is designed for Satellite and SSB connections. Salty Dawgs have the benefit of PredictWind offering a significant discount to members.  Instructions on how to receive your 20% discount are provided once you join the SDSA as a Member.

*Promo codes and 20% discounts do not apply to In App PredictWind Subscription purchases.

The SDSA believes PredictWind offers an excellent product/service at a reasonable cost.  With the discount they have offered to all SDSA members and rally participants, this is truly an outstanding value.