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New Horizons! New Experiences! New Friends!

If you are planning your first ocean passage and can't wait to explore new worlds -- If you are an experienced long distance sailor and relish the thought of joining like-minded sailors for offshore adventures -- If you wish to use your sailing experience to help other sailors develop their sailing skills -- Then the Salty Dawg Sailing Association is for you....all of you!

The SDSA unites experienced ocean sailors who volunteer their time to conduct seminars, organize rallies, and host rendezvous events with cruisers looking to broaden their sailing horizons...safely. Members of the SDSA enjoy camaraderie and friendships when they join our formal events, and when we gather for informal get-togethers in distant harbors. And, over 40 Corporate Partners help support the Dawgs with amazing discounts and donations.

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization that hosts rallies, rendezvous and blue water sailing seminars. Memberships in the Association are available for anyone interested in passage making or long distance cruising. Salty Dawg burgees are found on vessels around the world. Over 2,100 sailors and 530 boats have participated in Salty Dawg Rallies and over 1,500 sailors subscribe to notification of Salty Dawg events.

Registration Open For Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association Spring Cruising Rally From Antiqua To The US

The nonprofit Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association (SDSA) has opened registration for its Spring Rally from Antiqua to the US.
The rally will depart Falmouth Harbor on May 15 after several days of social activities, weather briefings, and boat preparations. The departure site has been changed to Antigua from Virgin Gorda in the BVI due to damage caused to facilities by Hurricane Irma last fall.
To recognize Salty Dawgs and other cruisers who are volunteering their efforts Read More…

Antigua hosts 7th Annual Salty Dawg™ Fall Rally to the Caribbean

The Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association has completed its 7th Annual Fall Rally to the Caribbean. The fleet departed from Hampton, Virginia in early November for one of two destinations – the Bahamas or Falmouth Harbour, Antigua. After about 1500 miles and more than 10 days at sea, 55 of the 71 boats participating in the rally came together for up to 10 days of celebration Read More…

Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association Raises $30,000 For BVI Hurricane Relief

Hank George Elected New SDSA President
The Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association (SDSA) announced the completion of its fundraising program to support Hurricane Irma recovery efforts in the BVI and also announced the election of veteran blue water sailor Hank George as the new President of the nonprofit organization. At the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis last month, the SDSA presented a check for $10,000 to the management of the Bitter End Yacht Club to be placed in the qualified 501(c)(3) BEYC Employees’ Relief Fund Read More…

Salty Dawgs Name Antigua as Alternate Fall Rally Destination & Establish BVI Relief Fund in Response to Hurricane Irma

Middletown, Rhode Island (USA) – The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) Board of Directors has announced that the destination of the 2017 Fall Rally will now be Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. The decision by the Board comes as a result of the damage caused to the British Virgin Islands by Hurricane Irma. Read More…

Announcing – Salty Dawgs Set Antigua for Fall Rally Destination

The Salty Dawg Board of Directors announced today that the destination of the 2017 Fall Rally will be Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. The seventh annual Fall Rally from Hampton Virginia and other points on the East Coast to the Caribbean is scheduled to depart on Nov. 2, weather permitting Read more…

Registration Now Open For 2017 Salty Dawg Fall Rally™ to the Caribbean

Middletown, Rhode Island (USA) – Registration is now open for the 2017 Fall Salty Dawg Rally™ to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations.
Hosted by the nonprofit Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association, this rally for blue water sailors will depart, weather permitting, on November 2 from Bluewater Sailing Center in Hampton, Virginia and other points along the US east coast Read More…

Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association Sets New Great Lakes To Hampton, Virginia Cruising Rally

Middletown, Rhode Island (USA) – The nonprofit Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association (SDSA) has announced plans for an inaugural cruising rally from the Great Lakes to Hampton, Virginia. The rally will depart Toronto on October 9 Read More…

Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association Rally To Maine Starts July 10

The Salt Dawg Sailing Association Second Annual Rally To Maine departs the Chesapeake Bay July 10 and Dutch Harbor near Jamestown, RI July 15.
Middletown, Rhode Island (USA) – The nonprofit Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association (SDSA) second annual cruising rally to Maine will set sail from the Chesapeake Bay on July 10 and from Dutch Harbor near Jamestown, RI on July 15 Read more…

Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association Completes Its First Cruising Rally To Cuba

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association completed its first cruising rally to Cuba. On April 17, twenty three vessels departed Marina Hemingway for the US East Coast in the final leg of the inaugural Salty Dawg Rally to Cuba.
The Hemingway International Yacht Club officially welcomed the nonprofit Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) with a colorful and fun Read more…

Salty Dawg Spring Rally From The BVI To The US

The nonprofit Salty Dawg™ Sailing Association (SDSA) has opened registration for its Spring Rally from the British Virgin Islands to the US. The rally will depart the British Virgin Islands on May 15 after several days of social activities, weather briefings, and boat preparation. Read more…

Salty Dawg Rally To Cuba

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) will launch a new cruising rally to Cuba this spring. The Rally to Cuba has been organized to comply with current US government requirements for US vessels and citizens visiting Cuba. Vessels from other countries are also welcome to participate in this unique event. The Rally to Cuba will depart Virgin Gorda in the BVI in late March. Read more…

The 2016 Salty Dawg Fall Rally Arrives in the Caribbean


In the 2016 Salty Dawg Fall Rally to the Caribbean, 81 vessels departed on a 1,400 mile voyage across the Atlantic from Hampton, VA with most headed to the Bitter End Yacht Club in Virgin Gorda, BVI. This was once again the largest rally from the US to the Caribbean. Mild winds led to some sailing and motor sailing early-on for the first group of vessels that chose to leave on November 1st or 2nd. Read more…

Announcing the Salty Dawg Sailing Association


The Salty Dawg Rally organization announces a name change, to be called the Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA). Co-founder Bill Knowles says “The Salty Dawg Board of Directors decided to make the change to reflect the broader scope of activities that the organization now undertakes in promoting long-distance sailing and cruising.”

What began as a single rally to the Caribbean with a small group of sailors in 2011 has grown to now conducting each year several premier rallies, world class sailing seminars, and numerous rendezvous of sailors, gathering in the US and in the Caribbean at well attended events. The Fall Rally to the Caribbean is the largest rally on the east coast of the US, with 80 to over 100 boats participating each year. Seminars are attended by large groups. Various Rendezvous regularly attract 100 sailors. This is an active organization.

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association is offering Memberships to those interested in blue water sailing and adventure cruising. The camaraderie and friendships that are built from Association activities are both infectious and legendary. Knowles goes on to say “The best way to: be a part of these activities, share in the fun, develop your sailing skills and knowledge, participate in sailing adventures, fly the Salty Dawg burgee, serve as crew, learn from the newsletter, or just help fellow serious sailors – is to join this organization.”

Salty Dawg Rally™ Fall 2016 Cruising Seminars


Note: Bonus Drawings for Those in Attendance
The Salty Dawg Rally™ has once again scheduled a comprehensive series of free blue water cruising seminars to be held prior to the sailboat shows in Newport and Annapolis and in Hampton, Virginia, prior to the early November departure of the Salty Dawg fleet to the Caribbean.
With an emphasis on safety, communication, education, and camaraderie, over 400 boats and more than 1,600 Read more…

This Summer – Two New Events & An Old Favorite

Summer Promo

The Salty Dawg Rally is hosting two new events on the Chesapeake this summer – the Rally to Maine, from the Southern Chesapeake to Newport and Maine, and a Southern Chesapeake Rendezvous open to all interested in blue water sailing. This is in addition to the Rally’s 5th Annual Bristol, R.I. 4th of July Rendezvous. It will be a busy and fun-filled Salty Dawg summer. The Rally to Maine departs Read more…

Join the Salty Dawg Spring Rally to the US


The 2016 Spring Rally departs the BVI on May 15 to head to various ports on the East Coast of the US or to Bermuda. Salty Dawg Rallies place an emphasis on fun, safety and building lasting friendships. They are a great way to meet other cruisers, and to sail offshore in company. You can register for the Rally and participate in all events at no fee. However, joining the Rally as a Member entitles Read more…

VIDEO: Salty Dawg Raft-up January 2016

Ever notice how the Sargasso Seaweed clumps up and forms streaks in the open ocean? The wind just happens to form these streaks from independent clumps of weed growing and floating in the ocean. It attracts various sea life and becomes a floating ecosystem unto itself. Well, a funny thing happens, under very special conditions, when a group of Salty Dawg cruisers find themselves together in a bay. Much like the Sargasso weed, they form clumps of Read more…

The Fall 2015 Salty Dawg Rally Arrives in the BVI

2015 Arrival Party - Dawgs AllJPG

Nearly all of the 78 vessels and over 300 sailors in the Fall 2015 Salty Dawg fleet have now arrived in the BVI and Bahamas. With the unusual weather pattern this year offering limited windows for departure, several boats left around November 1st, a few cast off shortly after, most of the rest of the fleet departed around November 11th, and the final two boats left November 28th – a very broad window. The early Read more…

2015 Fall Salty Dawg Rally™ Now Underway – 78 Boats Participating

Virgin Gorda

The first group of 78 boats participating in the 2015 fall Salty Dawg Rally™ are now on their way to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations. . The experienced blue water sailors, some with 12 or more passages to the Caribbean from the US, many with ocean crossings under their keels and crews with circumnavigation experience, departed today from Hampton, Virginia, and other points along the US east coast. Most will arrive at their initial destinations Read more…

Salty Dawg Annapolis Seminars – Well Received


The Salty Dawg Rally Annapolis Seminars, now in their 3rd season, were attended by a full house of close to 100 sailors. The seminars were conducted on Wednesday October 7th at the Mears Marina Pavilion in Eastport, Annapolis, MD. This is the 4th year for these seminars on blue water sailing topics. Speakers included Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails with unique advice on offshore sail preparation, storm strategies and heavy weather tactics, Steve Madden of M-Yachts on rigging degradation Read more…

Salty Dawg Newport Seminars a Hit

SDR Seminar

The Salty Dawg Rally’s inaugural blue water sailing seminars held September 16th at the historic Edward King House in Newport were a big hit. These seminars held just prior to the Newport International Boat Show join the Salty Dawg Rally quality seminars held in Annapolis and Hampton each year. The sailors who attended the Newport seminars raved about the depth and quality of the information Read more…

Selection of PR and Marketing Firm


The Salty Dawg Rally™ announced on July 23rd it has chosen Home Port Marine Marketing to provide marketing and PR services. Bill Knowles, President of the Salty Dawg Rally, said “We are very excited to welcome aboard Home Port Marine Marketing. They will be handling communications and marketing of the Rally’s Seminars, Boat Show booths, Fall and Spring Rallies, and the various Rally-related events held throughout the year. We feel this is a very important step up for the Salty Dawg Rally as it continues to grow.” With an emphasis on safety, communication and camaraderie, over 390 boats and 1,560 sailors have participated in the Salty Dawg Rallies since 2011. Established in 2001, Home Port Marine Marketing is headed by former BoatU.S. product marketing executives Jim Georgiadis and David Pilvelait. For more information about Home Port’s marine product marketing, publicity and promotion services, visit www.homeportmarine.com

Video: Salty Dawg Dinghy Drift

Salty Dawg’s across the Caribbean are regularly holding local, impromptu gatherings with Dawgs they met in one of the rallies. These happen in one of the Dawg’s cockpits, on a local beach, in a waterfront restaurant, or one of the many nearby bars. It can be a gathering of 3 to 30. In mid-January 12 Salty Dawgs and 6 Dawg-wannabe’s from 9 yachts gathered for a dinghy Read more…