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The Salty Dawg Sailing Association is a Non-Profit organization of experienced and newer boaters who come together to broaden their horizons and achieve their blue water sailing goals.  We offer Rallies - sailing from one location to another (with fun on both ends), Rendezvous - meet-ups in distant places, and Educational Seminars.  All rallies, seminars, and events are led by seasoned experts who share their time and experience to help cruisers realize their dreams.  

 Our goal is to provide high quality events with the greatest possible value, at the lowest possible entry fee; all made possible by the support of over 60 industry-leading sponsors and dozens of experienced members who volunteer their efforts. 

As a group, the Salty Dawgs are welcoming, helpful and active.  And we are experienced!  So, at any of our Rally destinations, someone is always around to share experiences and help you.  While in the Caribbean or elsewhere, receive boating advice or repair help.  Participate in radio networks, picnics, and games.   Join activities like hiking, snorkeling, diving, and of course, cocktail hours and pot-luck or shoreside dinners.   As you pull into a port and see one of our Salty Dawg burgees flying, you know you are with friends!

Come along with us and let us share the world of the Cruising Sailor with you!



Did you know that in the spring of 2020, as the world was immobilized by COVID-19, SDSA helped 470 cruisers get home?  Read all about it.

The Benefits of Membership

Salty Dawg membership has all kinds of benefits.  Aside from the help with rallies, events, and education, there are financial, emotional, and intangible benefits.  Financially, our sponsors give discounts and added services.  Emotionally, when you are cruising with a Dawg burgee flying, you are never alone.  Other Dawgs are there for socializing, comfort of numbers, or to lend hand with a weird tool that you never thought you’d need. 

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Dawg Tales 

You can find Salty Dawg burgees on vessels around the world.  Since 2011 the SDSA has held over 30 rallies with more than 3,800 sailors participating on 1,350 boats.  Over 3,200 boaters subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, Dawg Tales.  Membership in the Association is available to anyone interested in boating.

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