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The SDSA welcomes sailors of all experience levels to participate in the Crew Service!

The Crew Service is a Member Benefit, free of charge for members to seek open crew positions provided by member boat owners and Captains. Opportunities for participation in the SDSA Rallies can be found here, and may also non-rally passages,   local coastal cruising or racing, or even participation in a circumnavigation!   Broaden your network and exposure to the full range of sailing opportunities as an SDSA Member.  

All active postings now reside within the "Forum" section of the website.  Here, prospective Crew may use the Crew Service in one of two ways:

  • Review the posts found in the "Captains Needing Crew," Forum, then respond directly to prospects using their email address.


  • Post your availability on the relevant "Crew Available" Forum, in which case captains will respond directly to you.   Note that captains cannot respond by hitting a "reply" button, so REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR  CONTACT INFORMATION IN YOUR POST.
Member Access to the CREW FORUM


If you are not yet a member and would like to access the Crew Service, join below for $75 and access all the SDSA benefits.

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**We highly recommend reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions for detailed information about how the Crew Service works and to understand how to use the Crew Forum.  Contact our Crew Service Coordinator with questions.  Please only post crew related opportunities to the Captains Seeking Crew or Crew Available forums.**


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January 2022 - Circumnavigation Placement
..."So, once again, the Crew Service has proven its value to skipper and crew. Thanks for your help."
Bill W, Virginia

December 2021 - Rally and Circumnavigation Placement
"My wife and I ended up crewing for that opportunity you forwarded a couple months ago. We'll be hooking up with them in Antigua and sailing with them to Australia! Cool, Eh?"
Dennis J, Maine

May 2019 - Multiple Rally Participant
“I’m still working and wanted to gain more education and blue water experience until I’m retired and able to cruise offshore. Being a crew participant has increased my experience and enabled me to build lifelong friendships with other sailors. Overall, it has been a great experience.” 
Ken G, Lake Superior