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The largest rally hosted by the Salty Dawg Sailing Association is the Caribbean Rally.  Each November rally participants leave the Chesapeake Bay and head offshore to points south.  It is not only the largest organized flotilla of cruisers leaving the US East Coast for the Caribbean—but the most fun.  The Caribbean Rally helps sailors arrive safely in the Caribbean and opens the door to new friends and experiences while cruising.

Where will you head this fall?  The Caribbean Rally provides you a choice of destinations.  Will you point the bow to beautiful Antigua, wonderful Bequia, or another island?  Or will you make landfall in gorgeous Harbour Island, Eleuthera in the Bahamas?  The choice is yours and either way, paradise awaits.  If you’re considering cruising the Caribbean, take a peak at A Case for Antigua.

The Rally includes weather routing by The Marine Weather Center, position tracking by PredictWind, and an extensive level of coordination and support during the offshore passage.  Once accepted to the rally and rally fees have been paid, you will be receiving rally specific information and access to the rally Welcome page.  Please next review the Passage Discussion section, which contains information about the conditions likely to be encountered.

Events usually start October 28 in Hampton, VA for final preps, seminars, social events and weather reporting.  Departure is scheduled for Nov 2, weather permitting.  Each Captain is expected to make the best decision for his crew and boat when picking a departure date.  Passage time for boats headed to the Bahamas averages 4-6 days, and the boats traveling the 1400 NM to Antigua arrive in typically 12 days.

Both VHF radio and offshore communications equipment are required.

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The SDSA unites experienced ocean sailors with developing cruisers to broaden their blue water horizons.  All Salty Dawg rallies and events are led by seasoned sailors who volunteer their time and knowledge to help cruisers realize their dreams.

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2021 Caribbean Rally Participant List


If you would like to join us as a volunteer, we would love to benefit from your passion, personality, and expertise as we plan future events. Click here to volunteer.

  • Rally Manager: this position acts as the Rally Director's assistant.  The Rally Manager does the detailed organizing and planning for the rally.  Sharing with the Rally Director, hosts some of the Captains Calls. Participation in the rally itself is not necessary.  This position is flexible to accommodate your time for availability.
  • Fleet Captain: this position takes over in the departure location with help from the Port Captains.  The Fleet Captain and Port Captain share in welcoming activities and any events.  After departure from any port, keeps the fleet organized. 

  • Port Captains: this position takes the plans made in cooperation with the Rally Manager and implements them at each Port. The Port Captains and the Fleet Captain share in welcoming activities and planned events.  Participation in the rally itself is not necessary. 

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As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves, the SDSA will continue to explore the best ways to conduct its 2021 activities in as safe and enjoyable a manner as possible.  Towards that goal, we have established protocols and requirements that will be in effect for the 2021 DelMarVa Rally, Downeast Rally and summer rendezvous events.  In addition, please note that the SDSA Board of Directors will adopt separate policies for the 2021 Fall Caribbean Rally and Annapolis Rendezvous, and further updates on those events will be announced to our Members and subscribers, and shown on the SDSA webpages.

Below are requirements the SDSA Board has adopted for the 2021 DelMarVa Rally, Downeast Rally and summer rendezvous events.  The specific protocols will be provided on the webpages for each event.

The CDC states that "all COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States have been shown to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19."  Furthermore, these vaccines are increasing in availability throughout the US.    Therefore, the SDSA has adopted the following requirements and guidelines for participation in the 2021 DelMarVa Rally, the 2021 Downeast Rally, and the 2021 summer rendezvous events:   

1)  Individuals who have completed an effective vaccination regimen are invited to participate without a need to isolate or test for COVID before the rally, and must agree to follow CDC guidelines for vaccinated individuals.

2) Individuals who have a history of prior COVID infection and no vaccination yet, a medical reason (contraindication) that prevents them from taking any of the US EUA or fully approved vaccines, or for logistical reasons are unable to get one (e.g., too young to be eligible), must agree to follow CDC guidelines for unvaccinated individuals.   In addition to following CDC guidelines, unvaccinated participants must agree to avoid risky activities for the 10-14 days leading up to the start of the rally, and to provide a negative COVID test a few days before they join the rally. 

Click here to see the most current CDC guidance. At this time, local and state guidelines appear to be easing travel restrictions, but participants should adhere to any regulations that are in effect at the time of the events. If visiting other countries in your travels, visit Noonsite for Covid restrictions for these countries.  

Please refer to each event's homepages to learn the specific details for 2021.  Note also that should a significant change in the COVID-19 situation occur, a modification of the event requirements and recommendations may become necessary.  

We appreciate the diligence of our captains and crew in complying with the protocols and requirements we have established for these events over the past year.  The SDSA strives to keep all our participants safe, as we continue to plan both safe and enjoyable 2021 activities. 

Hank George, President, SDSA

April 30, 2021