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For 2021, due to COVID-19 requirements for participants to quarantine for 14-days prior to departure for Bermuda, this rally will not be held. Hope to see you in 2022!

A great summer passage and island experience! The Bermuda Rally is a great way to meet other sailors. Bermuda is probably the most common off-shore destination for East Coast sailors in the U.S. It is far enough off-shore (650nm) to be a true off-shore passage and close enough to complete in 2 months. Each summer hundreds of East Coast boats make the passage. The Bermuda Rally takes advantage of the relatively stable weather available in June and July. You can expect to encounter everything from calm seas and gentle pleasant winds, to sporty conditions and outright tempests.

When held, Captains will rendezvous in early June in Hampton, Virginia at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Pre-rally boat preparations, seminars and socials events normally take 4 days to complete. Captains head offshore (weather permitting) into the Atlantic, for the 650-nautical mile open ocean passage to St George’s, Bermuda. Average sail time is expected to be 6-7 days. Captains and crews can then enjoy Bermuda at their leisure. Return to the East Coast or travel onward to other destinations at your discretion. Return to the US should be planned by mid-July before the Tropics become very active in August.

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COVID-19 is changing many things in our society, including how we are able to run our Salty Dawg events. The information you see on these pages describes how we plan to hold these activities and keep everyone safe. Our intention is to hold as many rally events as we can, but they will likely have to be structured differently. We successfully ran the Rally to Maine and the Fall Rally to the Caribbean in 2020, but the pre-departure and post arrival activities were modified to ensure everyone’s safety. Rendezvous and Seminars were modified to meet COVID restrictions, but we were successful in coming up with creative ways to share information and build camaraderie. It is the nature of the times for things to change, so please check our website often for updates.

Hank George, President, SDSA
January 12, 2021