Education / Resources


We all strive to be known as that "Good (safe) Sailor".  While there is no substitute for the learning that comes from experience and time on the water, there is a lot that can be learned from others.  The SDSA has developed a series of Webinars, Checklists and Articles that can assist you in preparing your boat and the skills of you and your crew so that you can become that "Good Sailor" 


The SDSA has compiled a Library of recorded webinars on a wide array of topics, featuring industry experts and specialists from our sponsors, as well as extremely experienced World and Ocean Class Salty Dawg members.

Access to this Library is free to Members, and may be accessed at any time that is convenient.  The Library is a serious investment in developing or fine tuning your blue water sailing knowledge and skills. See our Library of Prior Webinars for details.  The Library includes:

  • Choosing your Boat, Buying / Selling and Boat Restoration
  • Destinations and Cruising with the Salty Dawgs
  • Getting There
  • Passage Preparation
  • Sails and Rigging
  • Gear and Techniques
  • Safety at Sea
  • Keep You and Your Crew Happy
  • Experts Corner


The SDSA has produced check lists and articles that will assist you in organizing and preparing for an off-shore passage. Members can access these articles at Preparing for an Offshore Passage 


Each year, the SDSA conducts a two-part Winter Webinar Series, with 10 to 12 webinars in each part, The Winter Series Part I will be in February and Part II in March.  The Spring Webinar Series, will feature Part I in May and Part II in June.  These webinars are all free to Members, and a very low fee, either individually priced or as a package for all non-Members.  A great value whether taking them free by members or low cost for non-Members.  

We will publish our webinar series for the coming year in December for the Winter series and early March for the Spring series.

These will feature experienced Salty Dawg speakers, industry experts and specialists from our sponsors.  Many ion these one-hour webinars are conducted live with a Question and Answer session at the end of each presentation, and some as recordings by our experts and we include periodic sessions with an expert panel. They are all recorded so they can be viewed at a later time. At the end of the season, all recordings are moved to our Library for continued access by our members.

Coming Soon: See our Webinar page for more details and to register.