The SDSA has made the decision to shift our former use of in-person seminars in Annapolis and Hampton for the 9 years, to now be virtual webinars with a much larger range of speakers and participants.  We successfully completed our first year using strictly webinars in 2020 and have continued that since.

For 2021 and going forward, we will conduct a two-part Winter Webinar Series, with 10 to 12 webinars in each part, Part I in February and Part II in March.  Then a Summer Webinar Series, with Part I in May and Part II in June.  These webinars are all free to Members, and a very low fee, either individually priced or as a package for all in a “Part.”  A great value whether taking them free by members or low cost for non-Members.  The full series is a serious investment in developing or fine tuning your blue water sailing knowledge and skills.

Extremely experienced Salty Dawg speakers, industry experts and specialists from our sponsors, cover valuable information in these one-hour webinars.  And, they are all recorded so they can be viewed at a later time from the live presentation.  And, all recordings are available to Members for free – an amazing source of information for being a Salty Dawg.  See our Webinar page for more details and to register.

The passage to Maine was an excellent primer for the passage to the Caribbean. The comaraderie experienced along with advice from seasoned offshore sailors prepared us well.  We had a great time and a safe passage!“