World Class Salty Dawgs

If you don’t see your name on the World Class Register and think you may qualify, click here.

The official SALTY DAWG WORLD CLASS REGISTER recognizes SDSA members who have achieved an even higher level of sailing prowess by completing a circumnavigation or more than 15,000 miles of longer passages of ocean sailing.

Qualification Criteria: If you are a SDSA Member and you, your spouse, or other family member have met the criteria for Ocean Class AND completed a circumnavigation or completed over 15,000 miles of ocean sailing (based solely on the Ocean Class qualifying passage plus other non-stop passages of over 600 nm) you qualify to be recognized on the World Class Register.


Stuart Angus Norman Harlow
Andrew Armstrong Alex Hodge
Larry Avins Carmel Hodge
Eric Barto Jan Holmes
Steve Berlack Bob Hood
Nigel Betts David Hornbach
Mark Bigalke Tom Hughes
Tim Bittel Dimitar Velev
Ruud Bosman Dennis Jud
Alec Brecher Bruce Kapteyn
Joseph Cain Bennett Kashdan
Ronald Canizares Roger Kendrick
Pierre Caouette Nelson Kennedy
Howard Cheetham Thomas Kintz
Rosalind Cheetham Anita Kintz
Hayden Cochran Alex Kintz
Rex Conn Bill Kirsh
Joan Conover John Kuony
Greg Conover Daniel Levine
Josh Conover Cabot Lyman
Bill Cullen Lisa McKerracher
Bill Danilczyk Tim Metcalf
George Day Mary Moriarty
Lee Demarest Russell Owen
Claudia Dengler Laurie Owen
Jack Drozdal Melinda Piuk
Steve Dwyre Reinhart Piuk
Harley Earl Lou Roberts
Charles Fulford Frank Rood
Hank George Cathy Ross
Seale George Steve St Onge
Baxter Gillespie steve stelmaszyk
Phillip Gillihan Linda Stelmaszyk
Lisa Goodwin Sheldon Stuchell
Sari Greene Susan Stuchell
David Grove Tim Trautman
  Jack Warren
  Jamie Weyndling
  Bill Wheary
  Phil Worrall