By the time you read this, the 2024 Dominica Rendezvous will be well underway.  We will rendezvous in Portsmouth, Dominica February 1 – 8 for hikes, tours, barbecues, beach activities, music, and dancing.  Dominica is a beautiful island and the P.A.Y.S. guys go all out for the Salty Dawgs. 

Martinique Carnival is indescribable.  Come see for yourself February 8-14.  Anchor early in Forte de France or find a quieter spot across the bay and take the ferry in.  No specific Salty Dawg events are planned, but we will meet up to enjoy the raucous music and crowds and to marvel at those tiny outfits with huge feather headdresses.   
Bequia is a charming destination and there is no better time to visit than during the annual Easter Regatta, March 29 - April 2.  There will be racing and wonderful local events to enjoy. There are fun eateries and lots to do. The Dawgs will surely have special events as well.

Carriacou Rendezvous – Heading south for the hurricane season?  Carriacou has everything you want; snorkeling, diving, dancing, eating.  Join with the Dawgs for a great time in a great space.  Dates not yet set.

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