Length and type of boat:  Frog’s Leap is a 50ft Wauquiez Centurion 49, built in 1991, but has received upgrades every single year since 2009.

Home Port:  Home port was in Sandy Hook NJ, in the past: A well known yacht club for cruisers who have sailed up and down the Northeast waters. There is no home port now as I live aboard.

Current location:  Cruising in Martinique.

What is your current boat project?  Sailing: Caribbean cruising and a tentative plan this year for an Atlantic crossing. Maintenance: This year I rebuilt the Diesel engine while in Grenada. Currently in Martinique, I pulled the rig for replacement of the rod rigging in preparation for passage. I just rebuilt the genset head for preventative maintenance. Safety, Security, Redundancy is what I try to achieve.

When did you join SDSA?  I joined the Salty Dawgs in 2021 after hearing about it from members Brian and Shelly Stork. Their description was good advice: a friendly, loosely knit organization that has rallies taking advantage of friendships, cooperation, not formality and rigidity, and lets skippers take responsibility for their passage.  It was a great choice.

Which rallies or rendezvous have you participated in?  The Caribbean Rally in 2022, followed by Antigua and Dominica. But one can develop great relationships with other DAWGS simply cruising, reaching out whenever we see the flag on a  boats.  The cruisers' world is small; other Dawgs, without exception, have been great folks.

Have you been a Salty Dawg Volunteer?  No. But I will hop in the dinghy on a moment's notice to help others with sticky maintenance issues, and reply to their inquiries often. It is my way to help.

What is the most important thing you've learned as a Salty Dawg?  Others who live aboard or make passages face similar issues as we do, so we can rely on other Dawgs for support.

What's your most memorable Salty Dawg experience?  Passages of course get engrained in our memory, whether for their serenity of for terrorizing us.

What's next for you and your boat?  We are trying to get to the Med through the Azores this year. That is the penciled in plan, to be confirmed as there are many moving parts. Our first step is to complete the rig re-do.