From Kim Corliss, SV La Rive Nord

So, I was chatting with some Gal Dawgs about our galleys one night in Antigua and how it was nice to attend the Salty Dawg Association’s webinars on galley preparations, but some of the concepts presented were a bit beyond the level of boat I sail on. These boats are big, have a fridge or two and a freezer. Some of the suggestions made me giggle – one lady suggested freezing lasagna and cooking it on the crossing! Freezing? Cooking something for an hour when it’s already hot? Not on this boat!

The conversation got me to think about what I really like in my galley. Our galley is pretty small compared to some of the yachts cruising in the Caribbean – we live on a 42’ 2003 monohull. Our boat has a chiller box for a fridge with a new gigantic 6”x16” freezer (installed after my attempt to defrost it in the Bahamas – stupid me!) and minimal storage space for food as things we installed to make the boat ocean-worthy took away most of my storage space. 

One of my favorite tools is my small pressure cooker suggested by The Boat Galley. It fits on the large burner and it can cook anything – fast! We make wild rice soup in 30 minutes, lentil soup in 20 minutes, and I even cooked a corned beef in it with cabbage and potatoes. We cook just about anything using a crock pot recipe or would take a long time in the oven. I ordered the Handy Kitchen Reference guide from The Boat Galley which has been invaluable to figure out how long to cook a variety of things in it. (If you’d like my wild rice soup recipe, drop me an email at [email protected].)

The other item we use almost every day while cruising is our sauté pan. We use it for frying, yes, but it is great to make curries, sausages, breakfast, you name it. We’ve gone through a bunch of them since we came down in 2020 as they seem to wear out fast through usage, poorer quality of the replacement pans found down here, and our lack of maintenance. We invested in an expensive Swiss Diamond 10” sauté pan and it is going to last. Plus it cooks so much nicer too!

One last item we brought down in our luggage was a Costco portable ice machine – what a luxury! We plug it in whenever we make water and the generator is running or when our inverter is on charging our dinghy battery. It has been fun for rum drinks and is also nice when someone needs an ice pack. It cost about $100 and it makes sundowners a ton of fun! Keep the box and pack it away when underway – my first one nose dived across the salon and didn’t work again. Lesson learned.

Here's my list of some of the items I cannot live without in our galley.

  • Small 5L pressure cooker
  • Nutmeg grater
  • Pepper grinder
  • Swiss 10” sauté pan
  • Non-stick sheet pan 10”x7”
  • Cooking stone 10”x7”
  • Gneiss 32 wall spice rack – refill with island spices
  • Plastic cutting boards (4)
  • Wooden cutting boards (2)
  • SodaStream with two bottles
  • Reduce white wine bottle holder/cooler and matching metal cups
  • Thermal coffee cups for crossing mornings
  • One gallon Rubbermaid jug with screw-on lid (great for island Tang and rum drinks)
  • Two smaller 2-quart jugs with screw-on lids (great for sun tea)
  • Two small 1-quart jugs with screw-on lids
  • Collapsible colander
  • Collapsible salad spinner
  • Brita water pitcher
  • Brita personal water bottles for crossings
  • Small leftover containers
  • Plastic bins for fridge for veggies
  • Really good steak knives that don’t rust
  • Dish drainer with plug sitting on rubber non-skid placemats
  • Costco portable ice machine