From Lynn Hoenke, sv Roxy

The 2023 Social Season in Antigua was a huge success, thanks to the pre-planning of Bob Osborn and the participation of seemingly hundreds of Salty Dawgs. 

Mark and I want to thank everyone who came out to the myriad of activities, happy hours, and dinners during November and December.  There is still more fun to be had in Antigua.  And  many planned (and unplanned) Rendezvous ahead!

AND  REMEMBER: Turn on Your Radio

Please turn on your vhf radio and keep it tuned to 16 while at sea and to the local hailing channel while in port (68 in most of the Caribbean).  While at sea it allows you to easily contact the Coast Guard, if needed, or to hear if another boat is in distress.  At port it allows fellow cruisers to contact you and keeps you posted if another boat needs help.  And if there is a local net it keeps you up to date.

Lots of annoying traffic on the radio?  You don’t have to have it loud, just in the background.  You’ll hear your boat’s name if someone is calling you and if there is a problem you will pick that up too. 

And remember, once you’ve contacted the person you’re looking for, tune to another channel.  Thank you.