Founders Award - Mindy Piuk

Salty Dawg was founded by Bill and Linda Knowles with the goal of helping sailors gain the skills to undertake and safely complete, an ocean voyage.   It was in this spirit a year ago, that we announced the “Founders Award”, to recognize one of our own who most exemplifies the spirit of the Dawgs, of sailors helping sailors. 

At the Annapolis rendezvous in October 2023, we announced the first recipient of this important recognition.   

One of the hallmarks of our rallies is knowing that someone “has your back” while you are on passage.  Of all the wonderful programs that SDSA provides, the support that the Shoreside team provides the entire fleet during every rally really stands out. 

While there are many volunteers that support our organization, the awards committee chose to recognize a member of our Shoreside Support team to be honored. Mindy Piuk joined us for the presentation via Zoom from Newcastle, England, where she and her husband Reinhart were moored and aboard their boat SV Rockhopper. During this year’s rally, she will be monitoring the fleet from London, at St. Katherine’s Dock.

Mindy and Reinhart got to know the Dawgs when they did their first Caribbean Rally with the Dawgs in 2016.  Mindy was immediately hooked on the group and for the last four years she has volunteered long hours to support the many boats in our rallies.  This job is very demanding and Mindy, along with many others, keep vigil around the clock to ensure that anyone that needs help can get it.  

There are dozens of volunteers that make our group successful but none more than Mindy, with all that she does to help keep us safe at sea.

Going to sea in a small boat is a big deal and despite all the sophisticated equipment and support, it ultimately comes down to the care and skill of the skipper and crew that make for a successful voyage. All that Mindy and others do to “have your back” makes it all the better.