2024 Homeward Bound Nanny Cay Departure

Participating vessels can register for a slip at Nanny Cay from May 5th through May 10th and get a 20% discount on slip fees. Vessels desiring a slip must sign up no later than 24TH APRIL.

A farewell dinner will be provided to participating boats by Nanny Cay (details to follow). 

There will be at least two weather briefings by Chris Parker prior to departure.

Depending on the number of participating vessels, Customs and Immigration may be on site to clear boats out 24 hours before departure or the marina will organize a shuttle to bring captains into town to check out.

The marina will organize free shuttles to the main supermarket when the boats are at the marina. Times will be posted as we get closer to the start of the rally.

Participating boats must sign up for slip reservation using the online form on the Nanny Cay Website - https://nannycay.com/marina-inquiry/  or by emailing [email protected]

Questions: email  Alex at [email protected]