2024 Dominica Rendezvous

The guys at P.A.Y.S. have really stepped it up for us this year.  They ask that we help them to be ready for our arrival by letting them know which of the great tours and events we each want to join. 

To do that, linked you will find the full program (programme) of events for the group as well as a registration form.  Take time in the next few days to go over the events and fill in the registration form.  Then return it to [email protected] or register on the website https://paysdominica.com/ as soon as you can.  We will pay when we arrive in Portsmouth.  

 Note that there is a lion fish hunt scheduled each day.  Last year the response was so great that Fabien couldn't take everyone.  This year he will limit the number of divers but offer the dive more often.  Sign up for the day you'd like but understand that you might need to choose another day.  (Or you can dive more than once!) 

 The Saturday Night Seafood Lime will take us across the island to Toucarie Bay where there are a number of small restaurants to choose from as we enjoy the festive pre-Carnival atmosphere, including (probable) live music. 

 Sunday Night's dinner will be held at Fort Shirley and is a thank you to the Dawgs.  There is no fee for this but they need to know how many people will attend.  

 The Rendezvous is scheduled to continue until February 8, but the guys understand that some of us will be leaving before that to get to Forte de France (which is why the big dinner is Sunday).  Stay as long as you like and enjoy all the lovely island has to offer.  

 Any questions? Contact [email protected]