The Salty Dawg Spring Rally to the US departs Falmouth Harbour in Antigua on May 15 to head to various ports on the East Coast of the US or to Bermuda.

The Spring Rally is a diverse group made up of North American cruisers returning after a season in the sun and European cruisers continuing their “Atlantic Circle” … some looking forward to a summer on the Eastern Seaboard.  As always, the Spring Rally is a great way to meet other cruisers, and to sail offshore in company.

This year, we are supporting cruisers who are spending time in the islands volunteering their efforts to help reconstruct the lives of islanders after the destruction caused during the hurricane season.

The Spring Rally will accommodate those cruisers who wish to join the rally and depart from an island other than Antigua.

All Salty Dawg rallies and events are led by seasoned sailors who volunteer their time and knowledge to help cruisers realize their dreams … safely.

If you would like to join us as a volunteer, we would love to benefit from your passion, personality, and expertise as we plan future events. Click here to volunteer.

About the spring rally




A full pre-departure schedule of events is planned for those leaving from the primary departure point in Antigua:

  • Daily pre-departure briefings by weather router and forecaster, Chris Parker of Marine Weather Center, include group discussions.
  • A Welcome Happy Hour on May 11.
  • Departure dinner at the Sushi Cafe on May 13 and Happy Hour social events. (Those Dawgs who participated in the Fall Rally enjoyed a terrific Thanksgiving dinner at Sushi’s last November!)
  • A shuttle to major grocery stores for provisioning.
  •  Discounts are also available on all meals at the Sushi Cafe, Admiral’s Inn, Pillars and Boom. Have lunch at the pool and use the facilities for the day at no charge.
  • Reduced rates at the AYC marina laundry service adjacent to the waterfront.
  • Pre-prepared meals from Sushi Cafe.
  • Discounts at the very convenient Covent Gardens grocery, located on the road between Falmouth and English Harbor.

Special pricing for Salty Dawgs on:

  • Sail and canvas repair at A&F Sail and Canvas loft in English Harbor.
  • Beauty services at Tree House Body Shop across the street from the gas station.
  • Purchases from two liquor stores in town. Present your clearance papers and all purchases will be duty free.
    • Premier Cru, on the road near English Harbor, offering free rum tastings to all Dawgs.
    • Cork and Basket, near the marina.
  • On boat supplies at Budget Marine at Jolly Harbour when you present your boat clearance papers.

at sea

Once underway, our OCENS – sponsored “Follow the Fleet” tracking system will record your position on the tracking map. Whether you leave from Antigua,the British Virgin Islands, or another location, your positions will be shown on the tracking map.

  • Friends, family, and armchair sailors can follow your track by accessing the Follow the Fleet link on the Salty Dawg Sailing Association web site.
  • Our Shoreside Team monitors your progress daily and is an important element of our communications with the fleet.
  • In addition, as a courtesy to our fleet, the US Coast Guard Command Center 5th District Office of  Public Affairs, Portsmouth, VA monitors our tracking site to be better prepared to assist, if needed.
  • Each Captain receives daily weather updates by email and can access personalized weather routing suggestions, if needed.
  • Daily SSB radio nets keep boats in contact with each other, sharing tales of offshore problem-solving and fishing successes.


  • SDSA Members – $150
  • Non-SDSA Members – $250

All fees include a Rally Flag.


Sign Up for the Salty Dawg Spring Rally:

It’s as Easy as A-B-C-Departure



Hats, shirts and other merchandise featuring our ubiquitous Love-Me-Love-My Dawg logo are available for sale at Salty Dawg events. Wear a colorful Salty Dawg hat or shirt to denote your status as one of our special breed.  All proceeds support the mission of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.

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