The Spring Rally departs the BVI on May 15 to head to various ports on the East Coast of the US or to Bermuda. Salty Dawg Rallies place an emphasis on fun, safety and building lasting friendships. They are a great way to meet other cruisers, and to sail offshore in company.

The Rally includes extensive planning and information prior to departure. Daily briefings by weather router and forecaster Chris Parker are provided to all who register, both before departure and offshore. And the many seasoned sailors who participate in the Rally offer a great resource to other Salty Dawgs. Daily nets track location of vessels, and offer help on any issues or questions that participants have.

Rally Fees are:

  1. No charge for those who paid for Premier Status last Fall Rally. (Note that the Premier Status category is going away after the 2017 Spring Rally.  Participants in all rallies after this date gain full access to these benefits.)
  2. SDSA Members – $100
  3. non-SDSA Members – $200

Additionally, those who participate in the Rally automatically qualify for extensive benefits provided by our sponsors.  Go check these out: Caribbean Rally Benefits.

Once you register and are accepted into the Rally, you will be given instructions for completing your Float Plan and Waivers, and you will be given a password to get into the Captain’s Notes where details on offshore nets and the schedule of Chris Parker briefings will be posted.

For 2017 the Rally incudes a full set of activities at both Virgin Gorda North Sound and at Nanny Cay prior to departure, keeping participants busy with both fun activities and boat preparation chores.

Pre-Departure Events:

Starting May 1, the 2017 Spring Salty Dawg Rally will begin to assemble at Leverick Bay in North Sound, Virgin Gorda to see Michael Beans perform his last Pirate Show of the year on May 3rd.

On Friday, May 5, the Dawgs can enjoy the ALL YOU CAN EAT Beach BBQ, catch the Moko Jumbies’ performance, and listen to live entertainment by the “Elvis White Band”. You don’t have to attend the Beach BBQ to watch the Jumbies.

While at Leverick Bay, participants in the Rally enjoy $20 moorings, $35/nt on the dock (any size boat), 10% off food purchases at the Chef’s Pantry, 15% off the upstairs dining room (food and drink, but bottles of wine not included), 15% off food at the Jumbies beach bar (Beach Barbecue excluded), and 25% off drinks at the Jumbies beach bar (25% does not apply to Happy Hour or the upstairs dining room or bottles of wine). There will be happy hours, pizza parties and a trip to Hog Heaven.

After all the events in North Sound, the Salty Dawgs will head to Nanny Cay to begin getting ready for the trip north. While at Nanny Cay, Chris Parker will have Live Webcasts beginning May 13 until Rally departure.

Transportation and or delivery to Nanny Cay will be provided by Rite Way for provisioning. A Beach BBQ, and a Departure Lasagna Dinner, are also planned at Nanny Cay.

On May 15 the Dawgs will depart from Nanny Cay and the BVI’s to head north to the Chesapeake, Bermuda or various ports of their choice, weather permitting.

Here are some important Checklists:

Captain’s Checklist

Crew Checklist:

  • Complete your 2017 Spring Rally Crew Waivers
  • Review our extensive library of checklists and articles in Preparing for Offshore – a valuable library to get you and your vessel ready to go.
  • Be familiar with all our pre-departure activities and schedules.