The Association has structured an impressive array of seminars and training reference material. These cover a broad range of topics of interest and value to those who choose to take their sailing vessels offshore. From equipment repairs to heavy weather tactics, offshore forecasting to selection of anchors, and offshore cooking to first aid – the material presented at seminars and available in the Salty Dawg reference library is extensive.

How can it be so good, and better than what others offer? That is because whether it is the selection of speakers and material presented at seminars, or reference articles and checklists in the library, these all flow from the significant input of the many veteran sailors that are part of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association and their many sponsors.

We believe that veterans who have sailed many offshore miles can best anticipate the needs of those who are dreaming of their first offshore passage or expanding their horizons in future passages. These veterans provide this advice willingly at all Association activities.

Upcoming Seminars

Salty Dawg Sailing Association Seminars are held annually prior to the Annapolis Sailboat show, and in Hampton, Virginia prior to departure of the Fall Rally to the Caribbean and Bahamas. Our seminars are an important way for us to support our mission.

  • Annapolis MD, Wednesday, October 4 – prior to the opening during the U.S. Sailboat Show – open to the public – a full day of seminars designed to support cruisers planning offshore passages this season or in seasons to come. Presentations on weather, communications, and interaction with the US Coast Guard are highlights of the agenda.
    • Location: Mears Pavilion
    • Schedule: 8am-5pm
    • Cost: $50 for SDSA members; $60 for Non-members (registration fee includes lunch)
  • Hampton VA, Oct. 25 – Oct. 31 – seminars and demonstrations are specifically geared to sailors participating in the Salty Dawg Fall Rallies to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. During the last week before departure, the seminar content is focused on last-minute preparations and passage planning.

Unlike other seminars where speakers represent a product or a service they want to sell, our seminars are designed to tell you what it is really like out there….from the mouths of folks who have been there. It’s not theory … it’s real. The agendas are designed with plenty of breaks between presentations so that you can benefit from one-on-one discussions with the speakers and fellow participants.

If you are going to attend one seminar this year, the Salty Dawg Sailing Association seminars in Annapolis is IT!

And, sign-up for the Salty Dawg Fall Rally to the Caribbean in November, and attend the seminars at Bluewater Yachting Center in Hampton VA prior to departure.

To sign-up for the Annapolis Seminar, contact