Preparing for Offshore

A strong component of our educational mission as a non-profit association is our Salty Dawg Reference Library. Here, you will find articles carefully selected to cover topics of important to those who choose to sail offshore. From equipment repairs to heavy weather tactics, offshore forecasting to selection of anchors, and offshore cooking to first aid – the material presented here is designed to complement our Seminar presentations.

We are dedicated to the concept that the most valuable information about offshore passage-making — whether in this Reference Library or at one of our seminars —- comes from our veteran Salty Dawgs and our Corporate Partners. Veterans of thousands of offshore miles can best anticipate the needs of those who are planning their first offshore passage or expanding their horizons in future passages.

In our Reference Library, we concentrate on four areas critical areas for successful passage preparation:

  • Dawgs Tell It Like It Is!
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Advice from Experts
  • Checklists for Offshore

1. Dawgs Tell It Like It Is!

As part of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association mission to transfer knowledge from experienced ocean sailors to cruisers looking to broaden their sailing horizons, several of our Dawgs have put their recommendations in writing:

PREPARING FOR OFFSHORE: Know Your Boat – By Hank George – Bluewater Sailing, Oct 2016

  • Understand the basic parameters of your boat’s performance, and its key features, to be better able to plan and manage your offshore passage.

SIMPLY GREEN – By Rick Palm –  Multihulls Quarterly, Fall 2015

  • Learn about simple, less complex ways to generate and monitor your offshore power

HEAVE TO IN A CATAMARAN – The How & Why Guide To Heaving To – By Hank George – Multihulls Quarterly, Summer 2016

  • Heaving-To is an absolutely essential heavy weather tactic. Read about heaving-to on a catamaran and apply the same principles to your own boat.

WHEN TO GO – By Julie Palm – Bluewater Sailing, April 2016

  • The Decision To Leave is sometimes the hardest part of an offshore passage. What is the best decision for you, your boat, and your crew?

2. Recommended Equipment

A list of recommended equipment for your offshore passage, compiled by the Salty Dawg’s veteran offshore sailors. Study it carefully and implement this in the best manner you can for your vessel. Go to List of Recommended Equipment

3. Advice From Experts

The Salty Dawg’s veteran offshore sailors have prepared this collection of articles providing superb advice to sailors on many topics of important to safe and fun offshore sailing and cruising.  Go to Advice From Experts

4. Checklists for Offshore

The To-Do List before a passage can be daunting.  Here are checklists that will help guide you through the priorities for a successful passage. You’ll find guidance about spares, special tools, safety gear, provisions, inspections…and More. Go to Checklists for Offshore