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If you are planning your first ocean passage and can’t wait to explore new worlds, membership in the Salty Dawg Sailing Association is perfect for you.

If you are an experienced long distance sailor and relish the thought of joining like-minded, passionate cruisers for offshore adventures,  the SDSA will offer you unmatched benefits.

Join us to take advantage of benefits for both experienced and developing sailors. Come rub shoulders with other Salty Dawgs. 

Join now for $75 per year….for your whole family! Your membership year begins when you pay your annual fee.

Want to know more?…. just contact our Membership Team.

Join to enjoy membership benefits today!

Click on the icons below to join the SDSA… or renew your annual membership.  Lots of learning…lots of fun…lots of membership benefits… all for a low annual membership fee of $75 … for your whole family!

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SDSA Member Benefits

Blue water rallies

  • Our Association Members enjoy reduced rates when they register for one of the growing number of Salty Dawg Offshore Sailing Rallies we host each year in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.


  • When Salty Dawgs get together, they learn from each other and make life-long friends. We call those gatherings — Rendezvous. Our Association Members enjoy our Rendezvous Get-Togethers at reduced fees.

crew list service

  • An SDSA Member can participate in our Crew List Service Program, sailing as crew in a year’s worth of rallies with no enrollment fee.

dawg-to-dawg communications

  • The Association is a close-knit family of the Salty Dawgs — past, present, and future — held together through newsletters, e-mails, and special notifications in addition to land and water events. In each issue of the Dawg Tales Newsletter, you, as a member, will be automatically included in a drawing for a valuable item, donated by one of our Corporate Partners.

    Click here to access the password protected – Member Directory.

Salty Dawg Merchandise

  • Hats, shirts and other merchandise featuring our ubiquitous Love-Me-Love-My Dawg logo are available for sale at Salty Dawg events. Wear a colorful Salty Dawg hat or shirt to denote your status as one of our special breed.  All proceeds support the mission of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.

    SDSA members receive discounts on all Salty Dawg merchandise.

SDSA member burgee

  • Join the SDSA and you are entitled to fly our burgee on your halyard to indicate your willingness to make new friends and share sea stories. SDSA burgees are flown on vessels all over the world.

    Click here to purchase your Member burgee.