The largest rally hosted by the Salty Dawg Sailing Association is the Fall Rally to the Caribbean.  The Fall Rally opens the door to new friends and experiences while cruising the Caribbean. The Fall Rally will depart from Hampton, VA near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and arrive in Falmouth Harbour on Antigua about 10 days later. The departure date is November 2nd, weather permitting. Special consideration will be made for those who wish to start from other ports on the Eastern seaboard or arrive at another port in the Caribbean.


“See You in Antigua! You will absolutely love it, too”

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Once vessels arrive at the rally destination, the Salty Dawgs stage an unprecedented number of things to do, places to explore, and services to take advantage of.  All for Salty Dawgs – and, all coordinated by a morning Salty Dawg VHF Net. Among the highlights are:

  • “Safe Arrival” Dinner – A poolside Barbeque at beautiful Boom Restaurant and Pool, overlooking Historic Nelson’s Dockyard/ English Harbour
  • Discounts at the Admiral’s Inn for those wishing a night ashore after the long ocean passage
  • A special wine tasting event in Falmouth Harbour
  • One free night’s dockage at Nelson’s Dockyard upon arrival
  • The Antigua Yacht Club extends clubhouse privileges to the Dawgs and is hosting a “Meet and Greet” Happy Hour with local boat service businesses.
  • For those cruising with pets, you might consider checking in to Jolly Harbor before gathering at Falmouth Harbour. It’s easier there. Jolly Harbour Marine is extending a discount to arriving Dawgs. (Special seasonal rates and summer storage fees, too)
  • And More ….

Any questons? Contact Fleet Captain Bob Osborn, SV Pandora, 


Prior to departure, the rally schedule at Bluewater Yachting Center in Hampton VA begins October 26. Passage preparation is the emphasis of the week-long series of seminars, demonstrations, briefings. Captains can sign up for individual HELP sessions for Single Sideband radio training, tracker start-up, and rig inspections. The US Coast Guard talks to rally participants about their Search & Rescue Operations. Free transportation to marine and provisioning centers is available. Multiple weather and routing briefings form Chris Parker of Marine Weather Services help captains determine the best window for their departure.



A full schedule of social activities foster the strong bonds Salty Dawgs enjoy. Thanks to the Hampton Convention & Vistor Bureau for sponsoring our annual Halloween Party. 



Once underway, our OCENS – sponsored tracking system will follow your progress based on the position reports you send either electronically or by radio. Friends, family, and armchair sailors can follow your track.  Our Shoreside Coordinator monitors your progress and becomes an important element of our emergency response in case of emergency.  By email, each Captain receives daily weather updates and can access personalized weather routing suggestions, if needed.  Daily SSB radio nets keep boats in contact with each other, sharing tales of offshore problem-solving and fishing success.





Fees include Rally flag and all benefits.  The fees for this Falls’ Rally are:

  • For SDSA Members, $200
  • For Non-SDSA Members $300
  • For those SDSA Members who have done a previous SD Rally and left their boat in the Caribbean: $150
  • For those SDSA Non-Members who have done a previous SD Rally and left their boat in the Caribbean: $200

All fees include a Rally flag.


  • Registration is now closed for the Salty Dawg Fall Rally to the Caribbean!
  • Our Rally Management Team will review your registration. He will be interested in your level of blue water experience and/or your plans to bring ocean-tested crew on board for the passage.
  • Our Tracking Coordinator will contact you to review with you the communications and tracking equipment that is recommended for the rally; To ensure adequate offshore communication and accurate website tracking, we recommend that each boat have two forms of the following: Sat Phone, SSB with email capability, InReach or Spot Tracker —- all are acceptable.
  • Once accepted into the Rally, our Rally Director will send you a Welcome Letter to outline the remaining steps of the registration process,  the passage preparation assistance that will be available to you, and the wonderful experience awaiting you in the rally.
  • Check out Benefits to see all the discounts and offers that you qualify for. (To take advantage of some of your benefits, you will need special instructions and an access code. See your Welcome Letter for the password-protected link to:  Access Your Rally Benefits)
  • Prepare your Float Plan  (Use Float Plan Quick Update for changes)
  • Complete your  Captain’s/Owner’s Waivers
  • Review our extensive library of checklists and articles in Preparing for Offshore – a valuable library to get you and your vessel ready to go.


  • Complete your Fall Rally Crew Waiver
  • Review our extensive library of checklists and articles in Preparing for Offshore – a valuable library to get you and your vessel ready to go.
  • Be familiar with all our pre-departure activities and schedules.



Hats, shirts and other merchandise featuring our ubiquitous Love-Me-Love-My Dawg logo are available for sale at Salty Dawg events. Wear a colorful Salty Dawg hat or shirt to denote your status as one of our special breed.  All proceeds support the mission of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.

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Partnerships with over 40  sponsors have helped make the SDSA what is it today. Our partners offer benefits, discounts, and passage preparation services that are important reasons why you join our rallies.  In return, they appreciate your patronage. When you need a product or service, please check our list of Corporate Partners to discover the highest quality options that will meet your needs…..and tell them the Salty Dawgs sent you!