Crew List Service

As part of its mission, the SDSA unites experienced ocean sailors who volunteer their time to participate in our events with cruisers looking to broaden their sailing horizons…safely. The Crew List Service is an important way in which we make that connection happen. It is for both captains looking for crew and crew searching for a boat. We do our best to offer guidance to both captains and crew to try to help both parties meet their needs.

Generally, captains cover on-board expenses for crew during a rally and expect crew to cover their own transportation fees to and from the event. However, Captain and crew may agree to other financial arrangements as a part of their discussions.

The Crew List Service is available to anyone interested in crewing and to captains that have registered and been accepted in an SDSA Rally.

Any questions? Please contact our Crew Coordinator.

How it works


Those Wishing to Crew

We welcome sailors of all experience levels to crew on boats in our Salty Dawg rallies. Here’s what you need to do:

Click here to apply and submit a crew profile. Add notes, attach your sailing resume, or include your picture to increase your visibility.

  • If you are a Member of the SDSA, there is no charge for our Crew List Service. Annual membership ($75) brings with it a host of additional benefits including discounted access to SDSA events. So, Click here to Join the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.
  • If you are not a Member of the SDSA, submit your payment through PayPal or your credit card.

You will be automatically added to our Crew List data base. Prior to each Rally, we will contact you to see if you will be available to participate in the upcoming event. If you are ready and willing to crew for the event, your profile will be circulated to Captains looking for crew.

If you accept a crew position, you will be required to submit the Crew Emergency/Waiver form and to contact our Crew Coordinator  so that he can remove your name from the Available List.

Your captain will advise you of additional information about the passage, your responsibilities, his expectations, and the costs. You will have the opportunity to ask the captain about his experience and leadership style as well.

Your profile will remain in the SDSA database until you tell us to delete it. Please keep us up to date with new information by emailing our Crew Coordinator.


Captains looking for Crew

The Crew List Service is a benefit you, as Captain, receive at no additional cost when you complete your registration for a SDSA Rally.

Sometimes, Captains elect to bring crew along to add skills and experience to assist during the passage. “If you don’t have the experience yourself, bring it with you!”

Other times, experienced captains opt to help introduce a sailor without offshore miles to a the joys and challenges of ocean passage-making. That’s what being a Salty Dawg is all about.

  • Check the Are You Looking for Crew box on your rally Boat Information form and and our Crew Coordinator will contact you. Or, email our Crew Coordinator directly and let him know you are looking for crew.
  • Our Crew Coordinator will send you a link to profiles of available crew candidates in our data base.  Interview as many candidates as you wish.
  • When you have selected your crew, please:
    • Complete your Float Plan and alert your crew that they need to complete the Crew Emergency/Waiver Form.
    • Contact our Crew Coordinator so he can update the Available Crew List.

The Crew List is updated frequently with additions and deletions so please retain and revisit the link occasionally for updates.

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