COVID-19 and the 2021 Fall Caribbean Rally Update

September 28, 2021

Covid Vaccination

The Salty Dawg Board of Directors voted August 11, 2021 to require that all participants in the Caribbean Rally this year be Covid-vaccinated.  With the worsening situation of the Delta variant, its highly infectious nature, the increased risk to kids and climbing pediatric hospitalizations, and the nature of crew being isolated offshore far from medical treatment, the Board felt it was necessary this year to take such a restrictive step.  While the SDSA by its nature and from its founding, has placed responsibility and decision-making in the hands of captains and participants as this provides the best learning experience in undertaking offshore sailing, from time to time the Board has issued some requirements applicable to the fleet.  While we keep these to a minimum, occasionally conditions warrant a broader requirement.  We request everyone’s help with this.  Further details will be communicated to captains on submitting demonstration of such vaccination.

As conditions warrant, we will provide further information as it becomes available to us on Covid issues, restrictions in the islands, and other safety matters.  As of August 17, Children 12 years and older are able to get the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.  Anyone with children 12 and older who wish to join the fleet can do so if fully vaccinated.  We anticipate that a vaccine may be available for children younger than 12 soon.  If this happens in time to be fully vaccinated before the Rally departs, we will welcome those children too.    We thank you for your continued efforts and help at keeping everyone safe.

Salty Dawg Board of Directors