Salty Dawgs Add Newport RI Start to the Fall Caribbean Rally

The Salty Dawg Sailing Association has decided to add a start to the fall rally to the Caribbean  in Newport, RI in addition to the traditional starting venue in Hampton, VA. The Newport start will be sailed in conjunction with and with full cooperation of the North Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. The start will be around November 1. While organizationally the two rallies will remain separate entities, they will share docking facilities, meeting and party spaces and other in-Newport events. The NARC always stops in Bermuda and then ends their rally in St. Martin. The Salty Dawg Rally offers the option of a Bermuda stop for both the Newport and Hampton fleets and expects there to be some shoreside entertainment and activities available. After a brief stop in Bermuda, the Salty Dawg fleet will head south to Antigua where the rally has organized weeks of fun events, parties and dinners. The NARC fleet will head to St. Martin where a dinner and other activities are planned. 

When making the announcement, Salty Dawg President Bob Osborn said, “This is an exciting new opportunity for sailors in the Northeast to be part of a joint rally to the Caribbean and to join our festivities in Newport as well as in Hampton. Bermuda is often a stop for boats heading south and then finishing the SD rally in Antigua has proven to be a highlight of a winter cruising the Eastern Caribbean. We invite one and all to inquire about joining us in Hampton and now Newport, too, for the fall rally.”

To inquire about signing up for the rally email the Salty Dawgs at [email protected]