2021 Salty Dawg Webinar Series

For 2021 we have planned an exciting and informative webinar series, with new speakers, new topics, many of our popular speakers from years past, and a perfect mix of technical webinars by industry experts, as well as informative webinars by seasoned sailors. All webinars are free for Salty Dawg members, but you must register. Non-members can register for a nominal fee.

We have grouped our webinars into several series. The first is "Winter Series Part 1." Members can register for all webinars in a group with one easy registration. Remember, these webinars are free for Salty Dawg members. Just another perk of membership.

Each webinar is an amazing value. Doing all of them is a super investment in your blue water knowledge.

The link below provides the topic and schedule for each webinar, along with the Group that each is in (Winter Series Part 1, Winter Series Part II, Summer Series Part I and Summer Series Part II).

The cost for non-members is $25 per group (i.e. Winter Series Part I) or $12 per individual webinar. Please note that the cost for the 4 upcoming groups is $100, but membership in SDSA is just $75! Membership has its perks.

All times are Eastern Time.

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SDSA Spring/Summer Webinar Series – Part II (June 1 to June 29)

Jun 1 - Jun 29   Entire Spring/Summer Webinar Series-Part II

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 June 1, 2021  16:00 Weather Routing Tools
A review of the weather routing tools available to the cruising skipper.
Nick Olson,
Predict Wind
June 8, 2021  16:00 Offshore Power Management/Off the Grid
Choosing power sources, charging options, and sizing.
Simon Ytterbom / Victron Energy
June 9, 2021  16:00 Successful Offshore Fishing
Blue water fishing techniques for all - including references to different locations
Kevin Ferrie / Salty Dawg Ocean Class sailor
June 10, 2021  16:00 Using the Salty Dawg Comprehensive Offshore Checklist
Compiled by World Class Salty Dawgs; an extremely comprehensive list, valuable to all who go offshore
Russ Owen. Salty Dawg World Class Sailor
June 15, 2021 16:00  Trim for Control
… sail trim for cruising sailors
Dave Flynn, 
Quantum Sails
June 17, 2021 16:00 Route Planning Strategies - A Cruisers Perspective
This webinar will covers fundamental parts of route planning and considerations for better efficiency and comfort along the way.
Behan and Jamie Gifford,
Sailing Totem
pre-recorded    Seamanship Tips to Ensure a Safe Passage
 Getting crew and boat ready.
Russ Owen,
Salty Dawg World
Class Sailor
June 22, 2021  16:00 Heavy Weather Tactics 
slow down; heave-to; run off; drogues and para-anchors; tactics and tips for monohulls and catamarans; how to set-up.
Zack Smith,
Fiorentino ParaAnchor 
Rescheduled to July 20, 2021  16:00 Catamaran Heavy Weather Tactics
Handling catamarans in heavy weather, as well as catamaran characteristics that make for safe operation in heavy weather conditions.
Gino Morrelli,
Morrelli Melvin Design & Engineering, Inc.
June 24, 2021  16:00 Caribbean Weather Patterns and Impacts on Sailing
Chris will cover general weather patterns and some unique weather features that can impact safety and convenience.
Chris Parker,
Marine Weather Center
June 29, 2021  16:00 Q&A Session, Ask the Experts
Pose any question on prerecorded webinars, any other webinars in this series, or other sailing related question you’d liked addressed

Dave Flynn/Quantum Sails
Russ Owen/Salty Dawg World Class Sailor,
Kevin Ferrie/Salty Dawg Ocean Class Sailor, and
Linda Stelmaszyk/Salty Dawg World Class Sailor