VIDEO: Salty Dawg Raft-up January 2016

Ever notice how the Sargasso Seaweed clumps up and forms streaks in the open ocean? The wind just happens to form these streaks from independent clumps of weed growing and floating in the ocean. It attracts various sea life and becomes a floating ecosystem unto itself. Well, a funny thing happens, under very special conditions, when a group of Salty Dawg cruisers find themselves together in a bay. Much like the Sargasso weed, they form clumps of dinghies, just before sunset, usually loaded with cheese, crackers, bits of grilled vegetables, dips, chips, sausage, and other boater’s delights, accompanied with the liquid refreshments that the island’s bounty provides; in other words – a dingy raft up. It is a floating ecosystem of camaraderie and fun.

Such was the case on January 18, 2016 when at 1700, dinghies and their captains, crew and guests from the sailing vessels: Flash, Sapphire, Kalunamoo, Allegro, Leahona, Casa Tu, Simplicity, Reality Check…found themselves clumped together in Francis Bay, USVI. 12 dinghies and 28 sailors in all. What a wonderful way to share “sundowners” with fellow Dawgs, guests and fellow cruisers! The big discussion may have been whether the “green flash” might be visible at sunset, but after Seale on Flash toasted the cruisers – “adventia before dementia” – it didn’t really matter if the green flash was seen or not. A dinghy raft up is a fun adventure that we all should experience when the wind and time conspire to clump us together.

Just another great Salty Dawg rendezvous!