Salty Dawg Annapolis Seminars – Well Received

UntitledThe Salty Dawg Rally Annapolis Seminars, now in their 3rd season, were attended by a full house of close to 100 sailors. The seminars were conducted on Wednesday October 7th at the Mears Marina Pavilion in Eastport, Annapolis, MD. This is the 4th year for these seminars on blue water sailing topics. Speakers included Dave Flynn of Quantum Sails with unique advice on offshore sail preparation, storm strategies and heavy weather tactics, Steve Madden of M-Yachts on rigging degradation and rig setup issues to look for, and Chris Parker discussing weather prediction services, weather patterns, and passage strategies. Also, Curtis Morris provided a very thorough review of SSB communications, Will Keene of Edson International offered sage advice on boat bilge pump and steering system issues and preparations for offshore sailing, USCG representatives addressed offshore emergencies and communications with the CG, Joan Conover discussed cooking offshore and use of the pressure cooker, Mark Andres of Sea Hawk addressed selection of bottom paints based on cruising locations and conditions, and Skip Yale of Bainbridge discussed attributes of different type lines and their best applications. An attentive audience asked thoughtful questions, gourmet sandwiches were offered for lunch, and with a sunny fall day most had plenty of input for their preparations to sail south. Reviews and subsequent testimonials by attendees were all positive about the learning experience provided by the seminars. The Salty Dawg Rally offers a series of seminars in Newport, Annapolis and Hampton to help blue water sailors better prepare themselves and their vessels for offshore passages.
It was great meeting all of you and the attendees at the Seminar in Newport…….a very good program with a lot of knowledgeable speakers as well as attendees!  The information shared among everyone and the networking were quite valuable to any avid sailor. Thank you for providing these beneficial opportunities to us. ……and happy sailing, Doug Stephens.