The Salty Dawg Sailing Association organized its first Rally to Cuba in April, 2017. The rally is structured for American boats and set up to comply with US regulations on US flagged vessels and US citizens visiting Cuba. Vessels from other countries are welcome one to attend.

The 14 day visit in 2017 supported an educational-based people to-people exchange. The Rally complied with OFAC and US Coast Guard regulations. With the structured nature of the visit, in order to properly manage the activity, the Rally was limited to 24 boats.

Because regulations in 2018 were not clear, the SDSA did not re-schedule the Rally to Cuba this year. However, we look forward to organizing a repeat of the very well-received 2017 adventure as soon as possible.

The Rally is a natural, downwind passage from the Caribbean back to the US, via Cuba. In order to conduct the proper research in support of this educational activity, and with the time constraint from various regulations and American insurance companies, the Rally made landfall in Havana and conducted most of its research activities in NW Cuba.

This Salty Dawg Rally to Cuba in 2017 was groundbreaking …. one of the largest organized American events to Cuba in many decades. And it developed material of intense interest to the American cruising community. Please read our Cuba Today articles.


 ¡Vamos a Cuba!   [Let’s go to Cuba!]