Preparing for Offshore

The Association has structured an impressive array of training and reference material. This covers a broad range of topics of interest and value to those who choose to take their sailing vessels offshore. From equipment repairs to heavy weather tactics, offshore forecasting to selection of anchors, and offshore cooking to first aid – the material presented at seminars and available in the Salty Dawg reference library is extensive.

How can it be so good, and better than what others offer? That is because whether it is the selection of speakers and material presented at seminars, or reference articles and checklists in the library, these all flow from the significant input of the many veteran sailors that are part of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association and their many sponsors.

We believe that veterans who have sailed many offshore miles can best anticipate the needs of those who are dreaming of their first offshore passage or expanding their horizons in future passages. These veterans provide this advice willingly at all Association activities.

In this section the Salty Dawg Sailing Association has compiled a wealth of information to help Dawgs prepare themselves and their vessel for the coming offshore passage. We start out with a discussion of one of the first steps you should cover, an article on – Know Your Boat. We follow that with our official SDSA list of minimum and recommended equipment. Next is a broad set of offshore sailing and preparation articles by experts, some that are only published here by technical and sailing experts supporting the Salty Dawg Sailing Association. Last we provide our recommended set of Pre-offshore checklists that cover vessel and equipment checks, system checks, offshore sailing and safety gear, provisions, spares, and on and on. Collectively these checklists cover the waterfront, so to speak.

We highly recommend that all Dawgs study these valuable reference articles, use them where applicable, and save them to your computer or print for handy reference when offshore. Ask experienced Dawgs if you have any questions on the material you find here.

1. Understand Your Boat


A useful article by Salty Dawg and long time sailor Hank George. Understand the basic parameters of your boat’s performance, and its key features, to be better able to plan and manage your offshore passage. Go to Article

2. Recommended Equipment


This is a list of recommended equipment for your offshore passage, compiled by the Salty Dawg’s veteran offshore sailors. Study it carefully and implement this in the best manner you can for your vessel. Go to List of Recommended Equipment

3. Advice From Experts


The Salty Dawg’s veteran offshore sailors have prepared this collection of articles providing superb advice to sailors on many topics of important to safe and fun offshore sailing and cruising. Review these carefully, absorb as much as you can, and put this into practice as you prepare for or undertake your next passage. Go to Advice From Experts

4. Checklists for Offshore


Here you will find a select set of checklists to help one prepare their vessels for an offshore passage. We have reviewed and carefully selected he best. From checklists of spares to special tools, safety gear, provisions, and inspections – we cover an extensive review of what you need aboard and its condition before venturing offshore. Go to Checklists for Offshore