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The Salty Dawg Sailing Association is a non-profit organization, with an emphasis on safety, communication, and camaraderie. The largest rally hosted by the Sailing Association is the Fall Rally to the Caribbean.  The Fall Rally is for sailors with blue water experience, and opens the door to new friends and experiences while cruising various areas in the Caribbean. The Salty Dawg Rallies have quickly earned a place among the premier sailing events on the East Coast and Caribbean.

2016 Fall Rally

The 2016 Fall Rally departing from Hampton, Virginia near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay or others points along the US East Coast will transit to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands or to a destination of your choice. The planned departure date is November 2nd, weather permitting.  The Rally is open to all sailors with blue water sailing experience.

The Fall Rally includes extensive planning and information prior to departure. Daily briefings by weather router and forecaster Chris Parker are provided to all who register, both before departure and offshore. Daily nets track location of vessels, and offer help on any issues or questions that participants have.

This year in addition to our Fall Rally that departs the Chesapeake to the Caribbean, we have added a “Bequia to North Sound, BVI Rally” for those sailors who leave their boats in the Southern Caribbean to avoid hurricane season, so they can enjoy the company of other Salty Dawgs on the sail north.  And, on arrival in North Sound, also join in the month-long arrival parties and events in North Sound, including the Fall Rally Arrival Dinner at the Bitter End Yacht Club.

Fall Rally Pre-Departure Events in Hampton, VA

Yachts generally arrive at Bluewater Yachting Center in Hampton, Virginia, or other location of your choice several days (preferably a week) before the November 2nd planned departure date. This allows captains and crew to participate in the week long series of seminars, demonstrations, briefings, social activities and dinners in Hampton. The weather and routing briefings by forecaster Chris Parker and the seminars by sponsors and veteran blue water sailors ensure all participants are well informed on matters critical to their offshore passage.

Walking the docks, sailors can draw a wealth of information from the seasoned blue water sailors who participate in the Fall Salty Dawg Rally – priceless!

And a full schedule of social activities including pig roast, barbeque chicken dinner, pot luck dinners, and rousing happy hour gatherings keep the whole crew happy and foster the strong bonds Salty Dawgs enjoy.

North Sound, Virgin Gorda Activities

Once vessels arrive in North Sound, the Salty Dawgs stage an unprecedented number of social activities. These range from yoga ashore most mornings; discounted happy hours for Salty Dawgs at various classic venues around North Sound; pot luck Thanksgiving on the beach; snorkel outings; paddle board excursions; hiking; pizza night; organized lunches or dinners at the Bitter End Crawl Pub, Leverick Bay, the Fat Virgin Café, Hog Heaven, the Sand Box, and Saba Rock; swim at the pool and beach, use of water toys, and movie night at the Bitter End Yacht Club.  All for Salty Dawgs – and, all coordinated by a morning Salty Dawg VHF Net. It is a very special time.

Additionally, in North Sound Premier Status Salty Dawgs have access to complimentary moorings at the Bitter End, and many other discounts at the Bitter End and Leverick Bay.  See Benefits to learn more.

Bequia to North Sound, BVI Rally

The Rally departing Bequia and sailing north to Virgin Gorda, BVI to meet up with the Dawgs sailing to North Sound and the Bitter End Yacht Club from the Chesapeake will be led by Phil Worrall of Rum Runner.  Prior to departure, Phil will host two great events in Bequia – a Rendezvous in Bequia for all Blue Water sailors featuring his now-famous free Rum Runner party, and a Departure Dinner at the Frangipani Restaurant in Bequia for a modest cost. Plan to be in Bequia November 7th.

If interested in the Bequia Rendezvous or Rally, click on the following to reach Phil Worrall – Bequia to North Sound, BVI Rally .

Offshore Tracking

Besides the daily radio net monitoring of vessel position, yachts in the Fall Rally will transmit position reports. Many of these are satellite based and can be monitored by friends and family back home, tracking the status of their intrepid sailors. Whatever the method of tracking, Rally management monitors the position and progress of all vessels.

Fall Rally Registration

To register, click on Fall Rally 2016 – Rally Registration or the link on this page, to the right of this text.  Also note the links there for the list of registered Fall 2016 Salty Dawgs, Owner and Crew Waivers, and Float Plans.

This year we have added a $100 non-refundable Registration Fee for the Fall Rally. If you have signed-up for Premier Status at the $250 level, the registration fee is included in your Premier Status fee, along with all the other benefits Premier Status offers.  For those who are not in Premier Status, you will be emailed a link to pay the registration fee, once you are accepted to the Rally. If you do sign-up for Premier Status at $250 at a later time, the $100 registration fee will be applied to your Membership.

Salty Dawg Premier Status

After successfully registering for the Fall Rally, sailors who also sign-up for Premier Status will receive substantial added benefits. Don’t forget to renew your Premier Status if it expires this October.  Check Spring & Fall Caribbean Rally Benefits frequently, as we are adding and changing them as we work with our Sponsors to get you the best benefits available.

Registration Procedure

The following are the steps you need to go through to complete the registration process for a Salty Dawg Rally. It is suggested you print this and reference it to be sure you have completed all steps. This facilitates the volunteers who work this process. Thank you for your cooperation.

  1. Complete and submit the registration form. Go to Registration.
  2. Standby until contacted by Rally Management. They may have questions on your vessel, sailing experience or communications. If you don’t hear anything in a couple days, contact info@saltydawgsailing.org .
  3. Once satisfied Rally Management will advise that you have been accepted into the Rally, and provide you an SDR number for use in further registration steps. Once advised of acceptance please proceed promptly to complete all of the following.
  4. Complete payment of the registration fee ($100) via the link provided by Rally Management, or go directly to the following step for Premier Status sign-up, and pay the full $250 amount.
  5. Determine if you would like to exercise your option for Premier Status. You may do this by completing the Premier Status form and payment of an additional $150. (OR $250 if you did not submit a $100 rally registration payment). Go to Premier Status.
  6. Payment of the Premier Status fees also automatically enroll you as a Member of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association. You do NOT need to separately sign-up for Association Membership OR pay the $75 dues.
  7. If you choose to NOT exercise your option for Premier Status, you should join the Association to be able to gain the benefits of Membership, and have the opportunity to fly the Association burgee so others know you are a Salty Dawg. Go to the Membership tab.
  8. Complete your Captain’s/Owner Waiver and Crew Waivers (one for each crew member).
  9. Complete your Float Plan.
  10. Purchase of burgees – If you are Premier Status we encourage you to purchase a Salty Dawg burgee that has a special colored border, identifying you both as a Salty Dawg Sailing Association Member and one with Premier Status. This facilitates marina and services personnel in the BVI to know you have those benefits. If you chose not to sign-up for Premier Status Benefits, but did enroll in the SDSA, you should purchase a regular Salty Dawg Sailing Association burgee (solid medium blue without a colored border) so others know you are a Salty Dawg. These burgees may be purchased at the boat shows, in Hampton, in the BVI or at many other SDSA events. They are not available by on-line purchase.
  11. Since this registration process is staffed by volunteers, many of whom are also preparing their vessel for an offshore passage, please help them by completing these steps as expeditiously as possible. It is a BIG help – Thank You!

Sailing With Pets

Are you sailing with pets?  Check out this helpful information – Sailing With Pets

Salty Dawg Gear and Crew

Official Salty Dawg Sailing Association hats and shirts will be available for sale at Salty Dawg events. Sales of these items help Salty Dawgs identify themselves as part of that special breed, and of course the proceeds help to defray the on-going costs of running the Association.

Need crew or want to crew?  The Sailing Association also maintains a list of volunteer crew. Information on available crew may be requested in the registration process.

Salty Dawg Sailing Association Sponsors

The Association currently has over 40 marine sponsors which provide financial support and many benefits to the Salty Dawgs. New Sponsors are always welcome. Salty Dawgs are encouraged to patronize Rally sponsors and let sponsors know you are a Salty Dawg. And of course please thank sponsors for their support of the Salty Dawg Sailing Association.