ROXY left on Saturday morning with the last group. Down wind jibes to the
gulf crossing.  Following Chris Parker’s suggestions we followed the rum
line after the crossing and made all haste getting south ahead of the high
winds spinning off Bermuda. The next 2.5 days were in 25 to 35 true from the
north.  Speed was 9 to 12 knots with the mizzen and cutter stay sail.  The
pitching was too severe to fly the main or genoa. We made about 500 miles
with two days over 200 before things settled down.  We were broached once at
night in 16 to 18 foot seas.  The water on the lazerette floated the dinghy,
lazerette lid, and our gas tanks. It also blasted through the seals on the
main hatch, soaking our aft stateroom where I was sleeping.  Lots of water
made it to the bilge. We kept a close watch on the bilge.  A tuna and two
dolphin were caught trolling at 7 to 9 knots.   Also caught and released a
white marlin.  We arrived the following Saturday evening at 8:30.