Blog # 7 – Perspective of a Neophyte Scaredy-cat Sailor

Hi! This is Mary. I’ve been invited to write today’s blog. I am an offshore sailing neophyte. I am a scaredy cat. I am a diploma Le Cordon Blue Chef so I’ll start with the galley. I am learning to share the galley with our other on board chef, Andy. He and Larry are teaching me offshore techniques, because, land techniques do not work on rolling, heeling boats. I’ve learned that open jars and coffee mugs are useless. They go skittering across the counter, with contents flying, usually towards me. Trusting the stoves gimble took some time, especially when boiling a pot for pasta. I’ve learned that meal prep is better when on a starboard tack but a loss of appetite has stifled my creativity. I am disappointed by the quality of my dishes and grateful for everyone’s positive feedback. Thankyou Larry for teaching me fresh water management when washing dishes, as well as waste management.

What is it like to be the only woman on board with three men? Surprisingly easy thanks to Andy’s competence and Larry’s kindnesses. Thank you Steve for letting me sleep through our night watches. Sorry about that!

Yesterday was a good day! I actually felt comfortable moving outside the cockpit. The guys caught a mahi-mahi and I  helped fillet and skin it.

Overall, this is a positive and life changing experience. I am at the bottom of the learning curve but up for the challenge!